Hello! I’m Coral… and that’s my son, Ephrem, on the right.

 Welcome to my little corner of the web! You’ll find here that I enjoy sharing my story, our family adventures, deepest convictions, and passion for health in mind, body, and soul. From having fun and eating right to prayer time and long walks I love embracing all life has to offer!

 My hope is to inspire in others the same desire I have for authentic living. Ironically, on a the surface of your screen you only see here what I want you to see; you only know one simple part of me… not exactly authentic, right? Well, honestly, this platform challenges me more than most real life spaces to be sincere and open. The blogging world is actually a great place to have dialogue, make friends, deepen relationships, and find business partners. I never know who the next reader will be, but it’s all the more reason to live and write authentically.

I like to think of my site as an extension of my home.

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So please come in and let’s get to know one another one cup of coffee at a time.

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Signing off with sincerity. Did you know? The word “sincere” comes from the Latin word sincerus which means “of things whole, clean, uninjured, and without falsehood.” At the core of every human is a unique and powerful design waiting for the soul to take action. Like a bicycle, the soul needs to have all the pieces working together in order to keep those tires spinning. While not all bikes are equipped to be switching gears, hopping rocks, and climbing mountains, even my old Huffy works the same way as my Rock Hopper. So what’s missing in your life? What’s stopping you? What’s slowing you down? What’s fake or false in your life? Revealing what parts need fixed or what gunk needs removed is the first step to true sincerity and authentic living. Each life is a precious gift meant to be integrated and oriented around a higher good, resulting in unparalleled joy and freedom. So, don’t give up. I challenge you. Join me in discovering what God is calling you to do and experience a deep love for your life!


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Crested Butte, Colorado

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Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

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Madera Canyon, Arizona

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